One of the purposes of Eckankar, religion of the light and sound of God is to give us a spiritual understanding of who and what we are.

Are you looking for answers to perhaps a spiritual experience that no one can explain?

You are Soul.  Soul is light, a spark of God sent into this world to gain spiritual experience.  Each of us has a spiritual purpose for coming into this lifetime.

Perhaps you have heard the sounds of silence, music of the spheres? 
A sound that only you can hear with your inner ear?

Have you also seen light that has no source?  Maybe blue?

The sound is the voice of God calling you, Soul back home and the light is to guide you.

Soul’s whole purpose for being in this world is to find divine love.

You and everyone else has the right to choose their own path home to God.
Maybe Eckankar can help you with that choice.

Welcome to ECKANKAR Australia

Spiritual Experiences Guide Book

Beyond meditation - spiritual exercises

Prayer, meditation, contemplation. What's at the heart of these spiritual practices? Each is a response to the call of Soul. Each represents and individual's desire to contact the source of all truth. Different paths to reach the same goal.
Learn to go inside yourself, because this is the source of all truth. There are a lot of holy temples out there, but the most sacred of all is the temple inside you, because this is where you meet with the Holy Spirit, the Voice of God
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In this FREE book you'll find
This practical guide book offers exercises, questionnaires and insights for you to enhance your
personal relationship with your higher self, Soul.
  •     Spiritual exercises - how and why?
  •     How to chant HU, an ancient name for God
  •     Learn from Spiritual Masters
  •     Past lives - why remember them?
  •     Dreams and our spiritual journey
  •     Soul Travel - voyages into the higher worlds


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The 2016 ECK Worldwide Seminar

You are invited to the life-changing experience of the 2016 ECK Worldwide Seminar, October 21–23, 2016, in Minneapolis, MN.

The spiritual focus of the seminar offers blessings and love; a vivid awareness of the wisdom and guidance of the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master; and the opportunity to discover your spiritual mission.